" I travelled Europe backpacking,

Menâge is a commodity "

GER / Canada                                  

"I'm an athlete, these washcloths

 save me time. "  Louis-Philippe / Canada


" I use this product to refresh after school and before my night shifts, I don't have time to go home and shower "  Sabrina / Canada

" I work construction, it's a dirty and sweaty job, this washcloth is a great alternative to a shower. i'm also building my house and I had no access to water this product comes in handy ."  Joe / Canada

Finally...a product that has given me the opportunity to get cleaned and refreshed on the go. These are great for freshening up on long flights!
- J. Berg, Business Professional

June 6, 2016

"I am a zumba teacher and

I run and  train for marathons

Menâge helps me to achieve my goals "

Anik / Canada

"I can finally workout at

lunch time, Menâge is like

a shower"

Vanessa / Canada

"I' am a professional model

I need to stay on top of my game ''   Alex / Canada

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