Menâge Wet Body Cleansing Washcloths are disposables shower replacements for adults who are on the go.  Packaged in a travel size, these premium disposable wet washcloths are designed to cleanse, remove dirt, sweat. thus conveniently becoming a shower replacement in your bag. Thick,  wet and unscented with Aloe it is 12” X 12”  (30 cm x 30 cm) in size.  No other known Canadian company offers an on-the-go shower replacement of this size, strength and thickness holding a high-grade formula.  It’s a solution to save time when you don't have access to a shower or when you just don't have the time for one. This product offers a solution to everyday challenges that many people face in their busy lifestyles.Type your paragraph here.

The Formula 

Made with 99 % of soap and water, this formula is excellent for any skin type, it holds 

3 times more water and soap than the average wet wipe due to its thickness

and absorbency.  You would need between 5 to 10 wet wipes depending on body height and

weight for (1) reusable Menâge washcloth to achieve almost the same results. This formula is

infused with Aloe Vera, contains no alcohol, it is also unscented, leaving the

skin soft, clean with no residue and requires no rinsing. 

More than a wipe, Menâge  is a  shower replacement / a shower on the go!  Gently cleanse away dirt, skin impurities with these premium thick and large wet disposable washcloths to clean the face and body.   Unscented and Infused with Aloe Vera this is a quick and dry solution with a non-sticky residue.

                        0 week                                  6 weeks                            12 weeks

The Menâge Fabric

Menâge cloth comes from Nonwoven fabrics made from Lenzing Viscose® and TENCEL®. Certified and registered by DIN CERTCO as compostable materials.  Use it, compost it and it will return to nature. Nonwovens made from 100% Lenzing fibers meet the compostability standard because both Lenzing Viscose® and TENCEL® are fully biodegradable. 

Rapidly rising living standards are leading to a significant increase in the consumption of nonwoven products for single use. In a time of increased pressure on land fill sites it becomes more and more important to use biodegradable materials such as Lenzing fibers for the production of disposable nonwovens. Lenzing fibers combine the benefits of a renewable raw material with a high degree of purity, softness and absorbency, as they are made from the cellulose in wood.