Shower on the Go!

 Travel size & disposable

Thick, wet, & unscented

Uber comfortable cloth 



Where & when do you use  your disposable washcloth Menâge?


  • Moms and dad's on the go
  • Sports Gear; running, golfing, skiing, cycling, gym, tennis, hockey, skating, yoga, etc.
  • For quick transition from day time activities to evening  activities                                     

  • After a lunch exercise workout-out                                                             

  • While travelling  

  • Cycling to work

  • Field trips with the kids

  • Marathons, Triathlons, backpacking, camping, hiking, hunting

  • Expeditions, Martial Arts

  • Horse back riding

  • While at festivals or nightclubs 

  • No access to water or limited water

  • While facing various environmental factors like earthquakes and hurricanes

  • Emergency kit commodity

  • Hospital stay, long overnight hospital visits

  • Home care 

How to use Menâge Washcloths

Menâge reusable cloths can be washed in your washing machine and reused for many purposes.. These are versatile, thick and large washcloths, more effective than wipes!  We have literally moved on to bigger and better things!  After having a shower-on- the- go,  you can either dispose of it or keep, it is up to you!  We suggest to make use of this by reusing as long as you can before disposal.

You're-on- the- go, you have now used it as a shower replacement, wondering what you can do with it? 

Whether you're in your car, at home, traveling, camping, working out, in between activities or spending time with the kids. Wherever or whatever it is you are doing, there are many ways and reasons for reusing your washcloth.  Use it as a duster, wipe your iPhone or laptop, do-do pick up rag when you walk your dog, check your oil, clean spills, etc...

If you choose not to reuse it,  you can simply dispose of it. Menâge cloths are biodegradable, the material will completely disintegrate itself within 12 weeks.